CaravanWelcome to the Missouri District Caravan site. Here you will find information about the new Caravan program, order information, and upcoming district Caravan events.


Top 10 reasons to register your Caravan program online.

1. Streamlines paperwork (no more faxes or snail mail)!
2. Enables you to manage your Caravan students and effortlessly transfer them to other Caravan programs online!
3. Makes it easy to register your church online!
4. Links your Caravan program with others across the world!
5. Allows your church to qualify for purchasing the Bresee Award!
6. Gives you member-only blog articles on building a Caravan ministry or modifying the program to a kids’ club!
7. Gives you member-only blog articles on empowering Caravan volunteers!
8. Gives you member-only blog articles on badge-earning ideas for Caravan!
9. Helps you stay in contact easily with the Caravan office!
10. Invites you to share Caravan thoughts and ideas through the Community Forum!

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